90 km to Lysefjord

My journey started in the forest, after a lot of rain had fallen the day before. Everything was green and wet wet wet. Finally, I reached my first stop, at a cabin which was far from everything.

The next leg of the journey was in the sunlight, and passed many large lakes. Because it was dry, I set up the tent beside a lake and had a wonderful night outside. The wind picked up, and the temperature dropped to 5C, though. It bit cold for my thin summer sleeping bag.

I stayed in a cabin the next night at the foot of a cliff. There were sheep everywhere, and it was very messy. I left the next morning and hiked in the clouds all day. It never really rained, but everything was soaked. I took a break to take a swim in the lake at the top of the pass, and lost my watch. Lucky for me, someone found it a brought it to the cabin where I stayed the next night.

the next leg took me up to 1000 meters to stay the night. There were so many nice places to set up the tent, but I wanted to get closer to the pass, to shorten the next day’s hike. And I’m so glad I did. As things go, the place where I finally set up the tent wasn’t so bad.

My final day of hiking was possibly the hardest day I have ever had that was supposedly on a trail. Steep descents, rock falls, and so much mud. I was so happy when I finally reached the road.

Along the way, there were these little guys whistling at me. I don’t know what he is called, though.

And, course, some beautiful flowers.


Epilogue. A few pictures taken with my phone.

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