Conference Trip to Poland

…or doing as I am told.

For work I attended the E-MRS Fall 2019 Conference in Warsaw. Warsaw is a wonderful city, and I had some time to walk around. I also met some wonderful people, and one of them cracked the whip and requested I post some pictures from the trip.

This photo I call “The Odd Couple.” Side-by-side in Warsaw stand the Swiss, and US embassies; side-by-side stand a pleasing building inviting you to visit the embassy and then the country, and a fortress.

I visited beautiful museums with captivating sculptures and furniture and rooms.

I also made a weekend trip to Krakow. It was crowded with tourists, but I had a few wonderful experiences I will remember, including a beautiful busker playing violin (no pictures, just memories). I rented a bike a biked up the Vistula, which was a great way to spend my time, with a picnic by the river and a visit to a monastery. There is also a great castle in the city center.

Finally, I took a series of mushroom photos for my sister. Check them out here.

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